New Life

There is a biblical story about the prophet, Ezekiel who is told by God to prophesy to dry bones scattered in a desert. As he surveys the desolation, Ezekiel might have wondered what could possibly change here. Hopeless as it seems, when God commands him to speak to the bones, Ezekiel intones the words God gives him. Picture the startled expression on his face when Ezekiel hears that first “click” of bone knitting to bone. And, then the miraculous sight of flesh covering bone.

These are not just any dry bones; these are the broken, scattered, exiled people of Israel. Those bones had laid in that valley, peaceful – though disconnected and defeated for hundreds of years. Who would dare to expect restoration?
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“Holy God, help us to dwell in you and in your word. Make us a sign of your new life. Amen.”

(Text by Lori Rosenkvist, The Upper Room Disciplines)